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Prague Guide

Welcome to our Prague Guide


Visit the impressive and fairy-tale like Prague Castle

Stroll across the gorgeous and incredibly popular Charles Bridge

See the John Lennon wall – a symbol of youth rebellion in the Communist era

Catch a trendy set at the terrific JazzDock or a fab show at the State Opera

Sample the extensive range of ales at the Prague Beer Museum

Experience the vibrant club scene and Prague’s famous nightlife in the centre


Travelling to Prague

Prague Overview

Travelling To Overview

With quick, cheap and regular flights to Prague from a number of UK airports, there’s no better way to visit the Czech capital on your short break; for a longer getaway however, it’s worth considering the city as a stop on a longer Rail or Road trip.

By Rail

By Rail

Consider travelling at a more leisurely pace and visit Prague by rail – catch the Eurostar to Paris and make use of the comfortable sleeper trains on the continent to take you the rest of the way.

By Road

By Road

If you have the time, why not take a road trip to Prague? It takes around 8 hours from Calais, via the German Autobahns, to get to the Czech border - Prague is just a short journey beyond.

By Air

By Air

The flight time from London to Prague is just under two hours, and regular flights from many major UK airports including Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bristol are available.

Getting Around in Prague

Prague Overview

Getting Around Overview

For sightseeing, there’s really no better way to get around than on foot – the major sights and must-visit areas are within comfortable walking distance of the centre. Be sure to check out the lovely river cruises too, and buy the cheap public transport passes for longer journeys.

By Taxi

By Taxi

Taxis in Prague are better booked in advance, since there are a fair few hawkers roaming the streets; it’s worth making a note of the names and numbers of taxi companies back at your hotel.

By Public Transport

By Metro

The public transport services – including the Metro, Trams and Buses – are a cheap and efficient way to get around the city; buy a 24-hour or 3-day pass and validate your ticket in the yellow boxes before each journey.

By Foot

By Foot

Prague is renowned for being very pedestrian friendly; walk from the Old Town to the Castle, Charles Bridge to Wenceslas Square, with a great deal of ease. Just beware that it’s illegal to cross roads on a ‘Red Man’ and you could incur a hefty fine.


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The Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel is terrifically popular and superbly located in the heart of Prague. Easily one of the best in the city, the five star luxury of this hotel makes it the perfect retreat in the thriving and vibrant Czech capital. Both spacious and incredibly well-furnished, the accommodation at the Alcron is the very best in comfortable chic.

Getting There Introduction

Realistically, the easiest and cheapest way to travel from most of the UK to Prague is by plane – most of the major airports fly to the Czech capital, one of the most popular city break destinations on the continent. London Heathrow has more than 5 services to Prague every day. To see more of Europe, and to make your trip to Prague part of a longer European excursion, consider traveling by road or by rail.

By Rail

Getting There - By Rail

Whether you’re inter-railing around Europe or taking grand train journey across Europe, there’s no more romantic way to visit the Czech capital than riding the rails. It’s a long journey, but consider taking the Eurostar to Brussels and traveling on the sleeper trains to Prague via Berlin. Alternatively, take a ferry over to Amsterdam and take the efficient, mostly German, rail services from there.
By Road

Getting There - By Road

Probably the cheapest option, getting a coach service to Prague takes just under 24 hours – the scenic route will take you through parts of France, Belgium and Germany. If you plan on driving however, London to Prague is around a 13 hour drive.
By Air

Getting There - By Air

Being the popular destination that it is, it should come as no surprise that Prague can be reached from most of the UK’s major airports, with flights leaving regularly from Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Leeds/Bradford and several of the London Airports amongst others. Flight time from London to Prague is roughly 2 hours.

Getting Around Introduction

The Czech capital is surprisingly compact, and therefore very easy to navigate and get around when traveling the tourist trail. The major sights are within walking distance of each other, and the public transport is cheap, efficient and easy to use. In most circumstances it's much better to use the public transport over taxis; running from around 5am to midnight, the trams, metro and buses can all be travelled on using the handy 1 or 3-day travel passes.

By Taxi

Getting Around - By Taxi

Prague, as with most major cities, has its problems with hawkers – when traveling around the city, it’s advisable to use the public transport system. If you do need to travel by taxi, it’s much better to call on one of the major companies and insist on having the meter switched on!
By Foot

Getting Around - By Foot

Prague is often cited as a ‘walkable’ city; easy to navigate, the city isn’t especially big and all the major sights are within walking distance of each other. For example, a walk from the Astronomical Clock – right over in the Old Town on the East side – to Prague Castle on the West side would take just 20 minutes.
By Metro

Getting Around - By Metro

Prague’s integrated transport system is incredibly efficient, and a cheap way to travel around the city. Between the three Metro lines, the trams, the buses and the ferries across the Vltava River, you can buy single journey tickets (with transfers permitted) for periods of 30 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes, or you could simply buy a full day ticket for unlimited travel within a 24 hour period. Be sure to validate your ticket in the yellow boxes inside trams or buses or at the entrance to Metro stations.

Shopping Introduction

 As you would imagine, the Czech capital has a terrific number of great places to get your shop on. For a touristy souvenir, look no further than the Old Town square, but for something a little bit different, check out our list of recommended realtors to find a quirky gift for the folks back home. If you should tire of scouring the backstreets and just want a one-stop shop, the excellent Palladium Mall in Prague’s centre should have just about everything you desire. From quaint, independent shops to big department stores, Prague has something for everyone.

Don’t Miss…

Rocking Horse Toy Shop, Loretanske namesti 3, Prague 118 00

Travel Guide Shopping Don't Miss

Though a little out of the way, this incredibly sweet toy shop is family owned and run, and the simple toys they sell are traditional, durable and make great souvenirs and gifts for kids.

Top 5 Shopping Destinations in Prague

Shopping List 1


Cokolada, Husova 8, Prague 11000

Perhaps the best chocolate shop in Prague, this shop right in the heart of the city is great for a sweet treat.


Palladium Shopping Centre, Na Porici 1079/3a, Prague 110 00

The best in Prague, this mall has lots of familiar brands and plenty of restaurants for when you need a pick-me-up whilst shopping til dropping.


Comics Point, Anglicka 14, Prague 12000

Comic book fans rejoice – this ultra-niche store is for you! With a wonderful collection of comics on offer, don’t miss this great shop.


Globe Bookstore, Pstrossova 6, New Town/Nove Mesto, Prague 110 00

Park yourself on an overstuffed chair and leaf through one of the 10,000 volumes on offer, with plenty of books in English, both used and new.


Manufaktura, Melantrichova 11, Praha 1, Prague

On the Old Town Square this sweet antique store, stocking traditional Czech wooden toys and ornaments, is the ideal place to find a quirky souvenir.

Eating Out Introduction

With a wealth of fine places to eat, Prague has a number of superb restaurants that are perfect for a special occasion. There are a number of fantastic eateries in the Old Town area, and you won’t have to stray too far from the square to find a delicious meal at a reasonable price. For something extra special, why not wander down to the riverfront restaurants by the Charles Bridge for a meal with a view? Treat yourself on your getaway to Europe, and toast your short break in style in a world class restaurant.

Hidden Gem

V!VA Praha, Celetna 10, 110 00, Praha 1, Prague

Travel Guide Eating Don't Miss

Reputedly serving the best Hot Chocolate in town, don’t miss the sweet treats in this lovely café – perfect for an afternoon treat or a delicious dessert.

Top 5 Restaurants in Prague

Eating Out List 1


Sansho, Petrska 25, Prague

Serving up sublime Asian fusion food, this incredible restaurant is a little bit special – an intimate restaurant, you’ll definitely want to book.


Coda, Trziste 9, Prague 11800

The sublime food is almost – but not quite – upstaged by the terrific views over Prague’s beautiful skyline at this popular, if pricey, restaurant.


George Prime Steak, Platnerska 19, Prague 110 00

Quite possibly the best steak in the Czech Republic, this popular American-style Steakhouse is just off the Old Town square.


Mlynec, Novotneho Lavka 199/9, Prague 11000

With very nice views of the river and the Charles Bridge, Mlynec serves up modern twists on traditional Czech food – very tasty and very affordable too.


La Bottega di Finestra, Platnerska 11, Prague

A very decent Italian restaurant, a mere stone’s throw from the Charles Bridge on the East side, reservations are recommended!

Nightlife Introduction

One of the main reasons Prague is so popular for a city break is its vibrant nightlife; very tourist-friendly, bars in the city are fun places to hang out and clubs can be great for a dance long into the night. On the sophisticated side of things, Prague has a wonderful live music scene – its Jazz bars in particular are especially good, and there are plenty of them too. Don’t miss the excellent Classical music either – the beautiful State Opera is every bit as good as the best in Eastern Europe. 

Top 5 Prague Nightlife


Jazz and Blues Club Ungelt, Tyn 2/640, Prague 1, 10 00, Prague

An unusual venue for some of the best live music in town, the club is set in an underground vault, a mere stone’s throw from the Old Town.


Ice Bar Prague, Smetanovo Nabrezi 198, Prague

A fun, intimate bar to visit, if a little touristy, worth visiting for a quick drink– but wrap up extra warm if you plan to stick around for another!


Medieval Tavern, Thunovska 15, Prague 118 00, Prague

As much about the experience as the decent food and drink, you’ll know you’ve found the right place when you spot the skulls hanging off the ceiling!


State Opera, Legerova 75, 110 00 Praha 1, Prague

Mightily impressive both inside and out, try to catch a show at one Eastern Europe’s finest Opera venues.


Reduta Jazz Club, Narodni 116/20, Praha 1, Prague

Established in the 50’s Reduta is a legendary venue for great Jazz music – a cool place for a cocktail, this place shouldn’t be missed.

Bars Introduction

The Czech are rightly proud of their Beer – internationally renowned as some of the finest in the world, Czech Beer is pale and delicious. It’s no great surprise that Prague’s bars are especially popular – with locals and tourists alike – and are terrific places to meet friends in the evening and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. With cool jazz clubs, wine bars and sophisticated little drinking holes too, there’s a bar for every taste in Prague.

Top 5 Prague Bars


Prague Beer Museum, Dlouhá 720/46, 110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město

Less touristy than it sounds, the Prague Beer Museum has over 30 beers on tap at any one time – try their excellent sample boards.


Letná Beer Garden, Letenské sady, 170 00 Praha 7

During the summer months there’s no place finer than this fabulous beer garden for enjoying a glass of the national drink!


Tynska Bar and Books, 19 Tynska, Prague 1, Prague 11000

If you’re keen to try something other than beer, head to this delightfully sophisticated bar for their excellent cocktails.


Vinograf Wine Bar, Misenska 8, 11800 Prague 1, Prague

Another great venue for something a bit different – Vinograf is easily one of the nicest wine bars in Prague, and good for local wine too.


Absintherie, Jilska, Prague 1, 10 00, Prague

This quaint and intimate bar is a popular hang-out with tourists – its fantastic choice of liquors and spirits is not to be missed.

Attractions Intro

The simple reason that Prague is by far the most popular city break destination in Eastern Europe is its incredible wealth of amazing attractions. Pretty, gothic – Prague looks like it should be in a fairytale. The distinctive medieval architecture is dotted all around the city and no trip to the Czech capital is complete until you’ve climbed the hill to see the castle and explored the old town on the other side of the river too. For something a bit different, be sure to check out the popular excursions to Czech firing ranges, visit the famous tribute on the John Lennon Wall, or if you’re travelling with kids Prague’s Zoo is one of the nicest on the continent. 

Top 5 Prague Attractions


Prague Castle and Cathedral

Gorgeously gothic and fairytale-like, sat atop the hill overlooking the city, the castle deserves a few hours of your break to see it all. 


Old Town and The Astronomical Clock

The pretty Old Town is well worth exploring and the clock is one of the Town’s must see attractions – don’t miss it!


Charles Bridge

This extremely popular pedestrian bridge over the river is always full of musician, artists and performers… and lots and lots of people!


Prague Shooting Trips

Several companies working out of Prague offer this unique experience; popular with tourists, tours are fun and safe.


John Lennon Wall

An incredibly famous tribute to the late singer, the wall was a symbol of hope during the early 1980’s under Communist rule.

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There are loads of great events & reasons to visit Prague and here are just a few!

  • 1

    Witches' Night - April

    Marking the Winter/Spring transition, think bonfires and burning effigies.

  • 2

    Prague Spring - May/June

    The country’s premier Music Festival – grab a ticket if you can!

  • 3

    United Islands of Prague - May/June

    The Vltava riverfront swarms with people enjoying great concerts and beer stalls.

  • 4

    Karlovy Vary Film Fest - July

    Many screenings sell out quickly for this excellent gathering of Indie filmmakers.

  • 5

    Four Days in Motion - October

    Practitioners of experimental dance and theatre from around Europe gather here.

Out and About in Prague


Travel Guide Sidebar Out and About Fab designer boutiques can be found on Pařížská (Paris) Street in the Old Town; for the Prague shopping mall experience try the Palladium in the city centre.

Eating Out

Travel Guide Sidebar Out and About There are lots of great restaurants in Prague, and many of them are concentrated in its very centre – you’ll find the best of them in the Josefov area.


Travel Guide Sidebar Out and About The very best of Prague’s famous nightlife scene can be found in Prague 1 – the very centre – and also the Smichov area in Prague 5 too.


Travel Guide Sidebar Out and About The Czech consider their beer to be the best in the world – find out if you agree at the Prague Beer Museum or the terrific Letná Beer Garden.

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